Personal and business Twitter profiles – should they be separate?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about whether I should create another Twitter profile, so that I can separate my personal and business/work activities.

It occurred to me that my Twitter needs change from minute to minute, depending on whether I am interacting with my friends (in the inescapable pursuit of ‘banter’) or building connections with people in my profession. It is certain that those two groups will value different content, and that while producing something to keep one set interested I may lose  the buy-in of the other.

So, should I separate the two, to mitigate this risk? Or might this seem a little disingenuous, like I am hiding aspects of my personality?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts (and potential solutions). For example, is there a way of subdividing my followers, so that I can tweet independently to each group?

Feel free to share your ideas and insights in the comments


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