Problems with long web links in print publications…

Problem: Getting people who see you mentioned in print to visit your website

Issuing a press release? Want to include a url for people to visit? Well please don’t add one that is hundreds of characters long, because users will not be bothered enough to type the whole thing into the address bar of their web browser. Even if they do, they will probably make a mistake, get frustrated, and give up!

Not to name and shame, but this is exactly what I just found in the latest issue of a top medical trade journal. It’s not likely their fault, but was just part of the press release issued by the company selling product X.

Solution: Shorten your links or use QR codes

If you want people to visit your site after they read about you in print, make it easy for them. There are a plethora of link shortening options out there (I prefer, which turn long, complex and forgettable urls into less than 20 characters. Use your shortened link in your print materials.

Even better, use a QR code – users can scan this with their smart phone, whisking them away to your site. See my previous blog post on QR codes for more details – and here is the shortened version, just in case anyone wants to print this blog post in their magazine 😉


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